Building Dams
by Nikole Brooks Bethea

Price at time of review: $28.50
32 pp.
North Star Editions
Lake Elmo, MN
ISBN: 9781635172522

Grade Level: 3-5

Reviewed by Janet Acerra
5th grade teacher and College Adjunct Instructor

Looking for a series of books that will hold students' attention, entice them to want to read more, and teach them about many exciting S.T.E.M. career choices ? The Engineering Challenges series is the answer! Each book contains a myriad of engaging text features including contemporary text, a design process activity, real world photographs, a creative challenge, comprehension questions, and a comprehensive, domain–specific glossary.

While reading Building Fighter Jets, students are challenged to build the best paper airplanes and look at the designs of modern aircraft. In Building Dams, students learn the process of building their own model of a dam using household materials. Building Race Cars reaches the inner NASCAR driver in everyone as students use a paper towel holder and paper to build the most aerodynamic car possible. The learning continues as students learn about the national and international space programs in Building Rockets. Building Stadiums will have students examining the roof structure of their local sports venues. Each book in the series connects students to the world around them as they are able to look inside the creation of the many engineering wonders that exist in the world today. Most innovative are the books on building tunnels, skyscrapers, and bridges. All three books are up–to–date with the modern world and will have students looking to become the next designers and builders in the world around them!  

This series is a must–have for teachers in elementary classrooms, more specifically the upper grades, and will be a useful source in STEM lessons, small group reading, or just a classroom library. These books will be loved by all students, and will become a STEM teaching tool for many teachers!

Review posted on 8/28/2017

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